Dos y Mas (Elio Villafranca/Arturo Stable)

Dos y Mas (Two and More) is an intense and intimate musical experience, the fruit of a collaboration between Cuban born musicians, percussionist/composer Arturo Stable and pianist/composer Elio Villafranca. The two Cuban masters take us into an eclectic journey deeply rooted in percussive traditions from all around the world.

Infinites memories from their native Cuba and a degree in classical percussion from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba are among the many things these two musicians shared. Two years ago, after finishing a tour with Canadian Saxophone icon Jane Bunnett they decided that the musical chemistry they shared on the stage should be put into a recording and as a result this new project was born.

Dos y Mas pays tribute to a beautiful legacy of different traditions not only from Latin America, but also from the Middle East, Africa and Spain. “Writing for this particular project –Stable says- was a fun process since we know each other very well and we both play piano and percussion.” Tracks such as “Vertiente” rooted in archaic flamenco tradition, or “Saghezi” based on a rhythm with the same name from Iran, exposes Villafranca and Stable’s dexterity on their instruments and their awareness of contemporary jazz idioms, which builds the bridge to our times. “In a Duet, the performers are vulnerable as each must play with great focus while listening – and reacting – to everything the other is doing, with no safety net provided by other band members” -Villafranca maintains. dosymas

Dos y Mas a beautiful project; an interactive spiritual voyage. Stable is featured on an array of hand drums, including Djembe, Udu, Dumbek, Congas and Bata Drums. Villafranca, with his sophisticated and tasteful touch on the Piano keep the listener always interested.

The work of these two musicians can also be appreciated on a sum several albums they have released as bandleaders. They each have created their own voice in the international music scene and specialize media already recognize them as been in the forefront of contemporary Latin jazz.

Elio Villafranca
Elio Villafranca is a Steinway Artist
Arturo Stable
Arturo Stable is endorse by Ritmo Percussion  

For booking and more information about Dos y Mas contact:

Millie Garcia
Artist Management and Producer
Tel: +1 917 415 9780

Dos y Mas Reviews

"This is, quite simply, craftsmanship at its finest and it goes beyond mere technique... The other outstanding aspect of the music is how inspired the compositions are." - Latin Jazz Network

"An absolutely stunning 5 star showcase" - Critical Jazz

"the songs on the recording feel inspired, passionate, and innovative, yet familiar." - Whole Music Experience

"Stable's flamenco-influenced "Vertiente" finds Villafranca stirring an improvised pot of Afro-Cuban subtleties with a dash of Chick Corea" - The Jazz Word

"simply smashing." - Midwest Record

"These open-minded musical sculptors created this music for those with open ears to absorb and enjoy it." - All About Jazz